Stormancer v1 is out!

Hello all!

If you didn't got a lot of new from us recently, it was because we were working hard on a new iteration of Stormancer that builds upon your feedbacks. We certainly could have communicated more, but the bit's finally out for you to test! As always, expect us to deploy fixes and upgrades regularly. Now, let's see what is included in Stormanver v1.

New network engine

The new network engine uses Raknet to enable UDP networking for targets that support it (.NET, Unity and soon C++). Websocket remains available for Javascript applications. The new architecture improves greatly the performance of the platform, and we are currently building new tests for it (The old perf tests are now bottlenecked at 40k msg/s by the testing framework itself and not the server). It also reduces the memory consumption of your server applications (from 80Mo to 15-30Mo. Yes it's a lot better).

Reworked Server development experience

The server dev experience was clearly not optimal on Stormancer 0.5. By that, I mean it was bad. After much crying, we decided to rebuild it from scratch. So out xaml scene type definition files and behaviors (Behaviors will probably come back, but in a more friendly way). Out compilation too.

Now all you need to get your first app running is a csharp code file with a startup class in it and a json file that declares what version of the runtime your application is expecting. Right now, 1.0.* looks like a good starting point.

You can find samples on Github, for instance here.

The server and client APIs were greatly improved with extensive support for metadata and plugins serverside and clientside. This will allows us (and you) to build reusable components that extends the engine and can be detected clientside.

Requests are now supported in both directions (Client to server but also Server to client)

The server runtime now compiles your code on the fly using the Roslyn C# compiler. You don’t need to compile your code before deploying anymore.

Speaking about deployment…

GIT based deployment

Yes, deployment on Stormancer is now based on Git very much like Heroku or Azure websites. That’s much better, isn’t it? Create a repository, set up your Stormancer remote and you are done. More about it in the documentation

We would like to thank the Kudu team for their awesome work. Without it adding this feature would have been much more painful.

Improved (did you mean actual?) documentation

The new website contains a dedicated documentation page with guides and link to library and web API references. We will progressively add new guides and tutorials.

Improved management experience

You can now share your account between developers. To do that, just go to the account page by clicking on your account name in the management portal.

The log viewing experience is completely and includes features like seeing exception’s stacktraces and to associate log messages with additionnal json data.

We provide more metrics for your application, like number of connected users, number and size of in/out messages per second.

The Management client library in C# has been greatly improved and supports all the features of the Web API.


The new platform is sadly not compatible with 0.5 applications. We really would have liked to support this scenario, but so many changes were introduced that it really wasn’t easily possible. Furthermore, we changed our authentication system, so you will need to create again your accounts on the new platform.

Fortunately migrating 0.5 client & servers apps to v1 is an easy task in most cases. If required, our devs can help you do that, just send us a message. Furthermore we will keep the 0.5 online as long as required to allow you to migrate and benefit from the new features and performance.

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