Price list of different Stormancer options

Server software

Free community server

Our single instance server is available free of charge. Include all the standard features of the server, missing distributed features for horizontal scaleout and support.

  • Support for several app on the server
  • UDP/Websocket transports
  • Unlimited performance
  • Web Api & Web Portal management
  • Elasticsearch DB
  • Git server app deployment
  • App Plugin support
  • ...

Distributed server

The distributed server includes all current server features and updates.

The distributed server can be horizontally scaled to create server farms. It includes everything required to run production instances of Stormancer, including basic direct support.

The distributed server is available at 250€ monthly per server instance.


All our SDKs are available free of charge as open source on Github. For more information, see our download page.


We provide developer support, backup and custom development for game studios for online features on Mobile, PC and Console, including:

  • Partnership for online features from specification to implementation
  • Server code customization
  • Netcode debugging and optimization
  • Support during the TRC process for console games.

Standard hourly rates ranging from 40€ to 80€, depending on volume and urgency.


We don't provide managed hosted from the web yet. However, contact us to work out with us the best hosting solution for your game. Stormancer is compatible with most hosting providers, cloud or on premise.